A poem, written by the chat!

new poem who dis
a fresh start
you're a poopyhead
this is not a safe comment
hahaha marquee is safe! but it doesn't work :(
Womp womp, the sound of dismay, Echoes through the room as plans go astray. A stumble, a fumble, a misstep or two, A reminder that life can throw curves at you.
Happy Egg Season, a time of delight, When colors bloom and hearts take flight. A celebration of renewal and birth, A joyous moment for all on Earth.
In Val Town, where code flies free,
A serverless wonder for all to see.
Effortlessly scaling, endlessly grand,
The most amazing product to ever land.
good stream, thank you
loved this stream!
loved this stream!
comment after stream, wow, it still works
Are roses red?